orising maschera esfoliante rigenerante


Born from the studies and from the experience gained over the course of 30 years of developing formulations of specific products for scalp and hair care.
It is a rich blend of phytoextracts and essential oils, carefully studied in order to stimulate the renewal of cells through an exfoliating action balancing at the same time the hydrolipid mantel of the scalp and stimulating the physiological hair bulb activity.

Biological extract of burdock: regenerating, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and purifying action;
Biological extract of birch: astringent, antiseptic and dermo-purifying action;
Biotin also known as vitamin H, is a vitamin and a coenzyme very important for the health of skin, hair and nails. It encourages the hair growth;
Cysteine: it helps the trophism of the hair;
Set of plants (Coltsfoot, Yarrow, Quinine): it helps to contrast hair loss. It stimulates the renewal of the cells and contrasts oxidative stress;
Biological extract of horsetail: elasticizing, astringent and lipo-regulatory action;
Essential oil of eucalyptus: invigorating and astringent action;
Essential oil of peppermint: palliative and dermo-purifying action;
Biological olive oil: palliative, protective, repairing and antioxidant action;
Polyphenols: concentrate of polyphenols, extract of dented palm fruit (Serenoa Serrulata) and extract of sesame seeds carried by Argan Oil. This compound is effective to reduce the problem of the seborrheic skin because it helps inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha reductase.
Core of apricot dust: it favors the elimination of keratinized cells, to help the renewal of the cells and to stimulate microcirculatory blood flow.
Saccharomyces Lysate:/strong> antioxidant and moisturizing action;
Vitamin B6: it acts on sebaceous glands and for this it is appropriate to treat seborrhea.