IGIENORISING | Gel detergente mani con azione igenizzante

Hand Cleanser with sanitizing action

Hand cleanser with Lavender, Lemon, Thyme and propolis extracts in order to complete its sanitizing and conditional action. Practical and efficient on all occasions you cannot wash your hands. Its sanitizing action helps to get a deep cleansing, leaving hands pleasantly scented.
Available in pocket format of 100 ml or in the dispenser version of 500 ml.

Biological thyme extract – sanitizing action.
Biological green tea extract – tonic, stimulating and against free radicals action.
Biological lavender extract – soothing and regenerating action.
Propolis extract – inhibits the growth of bacteria and mushrooms, mild cicatrizing action and uv-b / uv-a shielding action.
Lemon and orange essential oils – soothing, purifying and antiseptical action.
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