Orising naturharmony  invigorating treatment

Orising Naturharmony invigorating treatment

Invigorating treatment for thin hair and slow growth. After preparing the scalp with NATURHARMONY SCALP BENEFIT, shampoo and leave-on lotion are strongly indicated as a cosmetic aid to prevent hair loss.


Formula with high number of natural functional elements from organic cultivation. Suitable for thin hair with slow growth. Indicated as a cosmetic aid to prevent hair-loss.
APPLICATION: Apply a small amount on damp hair and scalp, massage gently until a soft foam and rinse with warm water. Shake well before use.


The synergy of different plant extracts, such as Eruca Sativa, makes this serum suitable for thin hair with slow growth. Indicated as a cosmetic aid for the prevention of hair-loss.
APPLICATION: Distribute on the scalp 3-4 pipettes of product with a gentle massage. Do not rinse. Shake well before use.

Combined extract of hydrolysed rocket + red grape stem cells + nut extract– this synergy helps to stimulate the vitality of the dermal papilla of the hair follicle. Antioxidant and strengthening properties.
Carrot extract– contains vitamin A, B, C, E. Antioxidant properties.
Lavender extract– balancing, calming, and toning effect.
Rice extract– rich in essential amino acids useful for the synthesis of keratin. Moisturizing and emollient properties.
Green tea leaf extract– antioxidant, stimulating, toning and anti-radical free.
Essential oil of peppermint– refreshing action tonic, dermo-purifying.


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